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Do You Find Handstands IMPOSSIBLE?

What If I told you that learning to handstand isn’t as hard as you may think?

What if I told you that it could be something as simple as correcting your shoulder flexibility or learning what things you are doing right now that are actually making it harder for you to learn?

Good news! I’ve written an ENTIRE EBOOK on how at 40 years old, I mastered this advanced skill even though I was never a gymnast and NEVER tried to attempt even a basic headstand until age 37! I made plenty of mistakes my first two years training on my own with Youtube and free content on Instagram only to later learn it delayed me understanding the mechanics of how handstands actually work! I finally decided to bite the bullet and train with the best coaches and acrobats in the world. And boy, did I learn what I was doing wrong and finally was able to nail my handstand! This book shares with you EVERYTHING I have learned on this amazing journey to handstand.

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