I purchased Kerri Verna’s e-book Drills, Techniques, & Drills Exercises to Master Handstands in July of 2019. My personal yoga journey started after receiving treatment for Lyme disease in 2017. I was at an all time physical low and turned to yoga as a practice to reclaim my body. Through the introduction of inversions my practice slowly transformed from reclaiming my body to exploring my physical limits. My goal was very specifically to achieve the elusive (to me) handstand. Kerri’s book has helped me make significant progress when I was feeling stuck in my practice. I found the combination of videos, reading and pictures extremely helpful in both correcting my form and mastering the drills. The self assessment allowed me to quickly asses that shoulder flexibility was an area I needed to work on. The corrective shoulder exercises were a big help in increasing my shoulder mobility which has allowed me to kick up off the wall!! I’m more aware of my form and having so much fun!

- Valerie