Magic Circle

37 Min Ring-A-Licious

Are you ready to join me for a fun and effective full-body workout using a Pilates ring? We’ll be using this magical ring to sculpt and define our muscles, and if you want to take it up a notch, you can even add some ankle weights! Let’s go, Team!

30 Min Magic Moves Grab your Pilates Magic Circle and optional ankle weights, and let's get moving! This class will light up your core, legs, and upper body!
28 min Flamingo Me Ringo Today's class is a full-body, core-focused workout using the Pilates Magic Circle! Enjoy the burn!
32 min Ring Things Let's grab our ring and do some ring things! Today's class is a great core and lower body workout using the Pilates magic circle. All levels are welcome to participate!
35 min Magic Movement Are you ready for some Magic Movement?! This full-body workout will have your entire body feeling the fire using the Pilates magic circle. Enjoy the burn!
34 min Ring Around Your Thighs Grab your magic circle and let's work our inner and outer thighs! This class will make your lower half burn with delight! You might also want a pillow or towel...
31 min Magic Muscles This is an awesome 31-minute class that works ALL your muscles like MAGIC! We are using the Pilates Ring and the small Pilates ball for this class. Enjoy!
32 min It's Magic Another MAGIC circle class! This class works the entire body in just 32 minutes! We have some fun dynamic ring work in this class to give you a strong core,...
28 min Feeling Fine, It's Circle Time It's Magic Circle time! This 28 min class is packed full of awesome movement to work your entire body! If you are looking for something quick but effective, check out...
27 min My House is on Fire Get ready for a bun and inner thigh burner! This Pilates Magic Circle class will give your legs and core and amazing workout in just 27 minutes. All levels!
30 min Ring O' Fire This is another amazing Pilates Magic Circle class that will work your entire body in 30 minutes. We will use the ring in a fun and dynamic way to help...
30 min Ring It Out You will love this fun, Pilates Magic Circle class! Using unique movements we will use the ring to give you a killer core + full-body workout!
32 min Put A Ring On It This class uses the Pilates Magic Circle to give you a killer core + full-body workout in just 32 minutes.