How often do you update your content?

I upload new content every Monday! There are over 550+ videos on the site, but I am always adding more. New Challenges are posted every month unless we have a brand-new program. New programs are released once or twice a year.

What equipment is recommended?

For those just getting started, you don’t need any equipment, although yoga blocks are a great tool to help you modify. I offer tons of “Body Weight” only workouts and yoga flows that require no equipment. Those classes are under “body weight” in the class directory.

For those wanting to start resistance-based strength workouts, I encourage you to get a set of light and heavy dumbbells, and resistance bands. Once you feel more comfortable with home equipment, you can get the small and large stability ball, adjustable kettlebell, and the Pilates Magic Circle. You can find the items I recommend here.

Do you have an app?

BYG is a mobile-friendly website that works just like an app. You can save it to your Home Screen on any device. A BYG icon will appear on your phone or laptop, similar to an app. You may use this icon for easy reference to BYG! For Android users. Click here.

Do you have a no-music option?

Yes! Under each video, you will see the “Music On” or “Music Off” button. You can also visit the class directory under objective/no music to select classes without background music.

Do you have classes that are wrist-free for carpal tunnel?

Yes! Please visit the class directory under objective/wrist-free to pick “wrist-free” classes.

Can I watch it on my TV?

 There are a few ways to get your videos on your TV:

1. You can connect your laptop or iPad to your TV via an HDMI cord, which will project your computer or iPad screen directly to your TV.

2. Use Google Chromecast and the cast feature to mirror your computer screen/cell phone to the TV or device you choose.

3. Use Apple TV (it must be the latest version ). The settings on your phone and TV must be correct. Contact Apple support for further help with iOS settings.

4. Use Amazon FireStick- To view the videos via our app to your Firestick, you will need to install the following app on your FireTV click here:

Please ensure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Firestick. Then you will be able to cast from your phone to FireTV.

5. Smart TV- If you are having trouble getting to the login page from the homepage, you could type the login URL address directly into your browser or use this link.

Please note: Some Smart TV internet browsers may not be configured or compatible with every website. Therefore, you may have trouble selecting specific fields (for example, clicking on the Login button or username field). We could not do much about this issue, so we would advise using one of the other ways suggested that work and function better.

Click here for more information.

Are your programs suitable for beginners?

YES! I have beginner yoga classes, and most of my classes are ALL LEVELS (unless otherwise stated), so modifications will be given. I also have a Beginner Challenge that you will love! Please use the class directory to find beginner-friendly classes.

How do I see what classes I have done?

Go to your account (upper right), and you will see “ACTIVITY.” Click on it to see what classes you have taken in the last 30 days.

The class that I just watched isn’t showing as “COMPLETED” on my program/challenge page.

Classes will not automatically switch to “completed” if you skip or fast-forward any portion of the class or if less than 80% of the class was watched. To mark any class as “COMPLETED,” you can manually click the “watched/unwatched” button.

How do I remove a program/challenge from my practice page’s “In Progress” banner?

Head to the program you want to remove and click “Restart Program.” This will clear out any classes that you may have started. Then, go back to the practice page, and it will no longer show up there.

How do I save something to my favorites or add it to a playlist?

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, follow these 4 steps:

1- Login to your account at

2- Click on your PROFILE avatar on the top right corner.
3- Within the PROFILE page, click on ” Manage Subscription”


Billing or other questions?

Please email [email protected].

Have trouble logging in?

Please email us at [email protected].

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are given on electronic products or subscription services. Please use the free seven-day trial on this platform to decide if you want to become a member. You may cancel your membership at any time. Once you cancel your account, it will remain active with an expiration date until your membership term ends.