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5 min Beginner Meditation

If you are new to meditation, this simple 5 min practice will help you understand how to easy it is to meditate!

5 min 4, 7, 8 Breathing 4,7,8 is a powerful breathing technique to help you relax or help you fall asleep. Please use this any time of the day that you need to de-stress and relax.
5 min Square Breathing Enjoy this 5-minute pranayama practice to help you de-stress and feel amazing.
3 min I Show Up This daily mantra is to help you show up for yourself!
4 min Letting Go Letting Go - 4 min Join me for this short mantra meditation on letting go.
4 min Becoming We have an awesome mantra for today’s meditation that is going to leave you feeling loved and supported.
4 min Proving Myself Growing up, some of us might have felt the need to prove ourselves to our family or friends.  This is a normal stage of life that everyone goes through. Today's...
3 min Making Peace This daily mantra is to help you make peace with your past.
4 min Change This daily mantra is to help you find the opportunities that change can bring.
3 min Thankfulness This daily mantra is to help you find thankfulness for all that you have.
4 min TRUST This meditation will help you feel anxious, worried, or just out of sorts.
3 min Success This daily mantra is to help you realize your potential!
4 min My Highest Priority Today we are making feeling good a priority. Enjoy this mantra meditation!
3 min A Good Day Today my friends, we are going to have a good day! Let's do this!
5 min Relax and Release This daily mantra is to help you release your burdens and enjoy your life.