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52 Min Feel Good Flow This all levels flow is perfect for those looking to feel good! It is a total body workout that will leave you feeling amazing.
33 min Fallen Angel Power Level 2 YO30 class for anyone wanting to work on this amazing posture.
5 min Downward Facing Dog Tutorial How do you know if your Downward Dog Pose is working for you? Watch this video to find out!
6 min Dolphin Pose Tutorial Member request! How to work on dolphin pose using a yoga block and a yoga strap!
14 min Desk Yoga Sit at a desk all day? This class is for you! Either on your lunch break or if you can’t make it to your mat, this class is for those that want...
25 min Beginner Yoga Strength This practice focuses on Sun Salutations, Warrior 1, Triangle Pose, and Tree pose. A great introduction to the standing strength postures in Yoga. You may want two yoga blocks for this class. Enjoy!
30 min Beginner Hips and Core This is a wonderful class that will introduce you to hip openers and core work!
7 min Bye-Bye Batwings*no music If you only have a few minutes and you want to work your arms, try this class! It's just 7 minutes long but you will definitely feel it!
33 min Bedtime Yoga for Good Sleep Looking for something to help you wind down at night? This is an amazing yoga practice to help you sleep!
5 min Bakasana/Crow Pose Tutorial This fun arm balance is the first one that most students learn. This video breaks down how to approach this pose.
3 min Astavakrasana Tutorial This video will teach you how to approach this fun arm balance. All levels.
18 min Flash Flow* No Music Short on time but want to still make time for your practice? This short 18-minute yoga flow will get your blood flowing and give you a quick but effective full-body...
22 min Outer Thigh and Core Burn *No Music This class can be done with or without the band! It's short but it is VERY effective in working the out thighs and core!
31 min Ball of Fire *No Music Today's class will have your arms, abs, and legs on FIRE! Grab the small Pilates ball and let's hit the mat!
23 min Inner Thigh Quick Burn *No Music This class is designed to give you some energy as we focus on the lower body and core. You will want two yoga blocks for this class. All levels welcome.
32 min That Kind of Flow *no music This dynamic yoga practice will make you feel amazing. We will mix things up from the back of our mat and focus on being kind and gentle to ourselves. Let's...
30 min NEW To BYG Challenges Are you ready to work your arms, abs, and asana? Please watch this video if you are new to the BYG Method or the BYG Challenges!
40 min Rock The Block* No Music Time to rock the block! This killer 40 minute Pilates session uses yoga blocks to give you an amazing core + arm workout.
35 min Oblique Obsession *No Music This class is all about those obliques using yoga and Pilates movements! You will love this awesome, mindful, but intense workout! You will want a light hand weight (or grab...
36 min Relax and Rejuvenate *no music This amazing 36-minute class will help you relax the nervous system and make you feel amazing. You will want a yoga strap, blocks, and available wall space for this class.
30 min Grab Your Seat At The Barre *No Music Looking for an inner thigh, glutes, and calves workout? Look no further! This class uses a Pilates mini soft ball with a chair to give you an awesome workout!
35 min Yo Cardio Grab a set of light hand weights and let's do some dynamic Yoga and Pilates movements. You may want to yoga blocks for this class!
28 min Push and Pull* No music Get ready for a saucy sweaty workout! Using our small ball and a heavy resistance band, we will get an amazing core and lower body workout!
60 min Let's Practice *No Music This 60-minute practice will leave you feeling full of love and gratitude for your yoga practice! There are some challenging postures in this class but options are given for all...