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34 min Beginner Yoga Flow (No Music) If you are new to yoga or just looking for a class that goes into a little more detail about breath and how to modify yoga poses, this is a...
35 min Fire It Up (no music) Ready to fire it up? Grab two light weights and join me for this awesome Pilates session!
1 min What To Expect From Metabolic Movements Time for a wonderful yoga class to help stretch our legs and shoulders! Grab two yoga blocks and a pillow! Enjoy! To experience this class without music, go to the...
31 min Let's Get Moving*no music Time to get our heartrate up with some dynamic yoga and Pilates movements! You will want two yoga blocks and a strap or a scarf for this class.
27 min My House is on Fire Get ready for a bun and inner thigh burner! This Pilates Magic Circle class will give your legs and core and amazing workout in just 27 minutes. All levels!
44 min Level Up Your Core* no music Level up your core work with this awesome class! We will work on strengthening the pelvic floor and the deep abs. You will want two yoga blocks for this class....
40 min All The Tight Spaces *no music Feeling a little tight? Are you a runner or maybe you have been stressed and need a class that will help you loosen through the hips, hamstrings, and upper body?...
28 min Make My Legs Burn *No music This class will make your legs burn! :) Using the stability ball, we will work inner & outer thighs as well as glutes! We will also get the deep core...
30 min In the Mood to Move (no music) Feeling a little blue? You need to MOVE! This class is designed to get you in a new headspace by giving you a dynamic core intense class!
30 min Ring It Out (no music) You will love this fun, Pilates Magic Circle class! Using unique movements we will use the ring to give you a killer core + full-body workout!
32 min Put A Ring On It (no music) This class uses the Pilates Magic Circle to give you a killer core + full-body workout in just 32 minutes.
32 min The Heart Of Yoga What is yoga all about? This class is great for beginners to understand the heart of the yoga practice. All levels but geared towards beginner
33 min Fusion Fitness with Weights (no music) This class has fun and unique moves using hand weights to challenge both your balance and your muscles.
52 min Twist & Bend *no music This power vinyasa flow will surely give you energy! This full-body class focuses on twisting and bending postures but also has some fun sequencing to work the core.
19 min Rainy Day Core Work to Beat the Blues Are you feeling a little blue? This quick core class will help you beat the blues! We will work up and awesome sweat and work our core in just 19...
33 min Bandtastic Basics This 30-minute workout is no joke! Get ready to feel the burn! This class is an overview of what to expect, how to breathe, and how to use the bands.
47 min Sunday Yoga Looking for something to challenge you but not overwhelm you? This Sunday yoga practice is great choice!
14 min Hot Buns This class will literally make your buns HOT in just 14 minutes! This short but effective class will work your core + your buns! All levels.
53 min Vinyasa Fusion Flow This full body Vinyasa Fusion Flow will leave you feeling energized and full of life. This wonderful blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates is the perfect well rounded class...
44 min Gratitude Power Flow *no music This Gratitude Power Vinyasa class will leave you feeling AWESOME! We work the ENTIRE body in just 45 minutes.
32 min Dig Deep *No Music If you are looking for a full body workout, look no further! This Resistance Band Pilates class works everything! Y
22 min Arm and Ab Blast This bodyweight only pilates class will have your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs burning!
15 min Yoga Abs This is a short class that will have your abs burning! You may want two yoga blocks for this class. Enjoy!
49 min Fibromyalgia Flow If you have Fibromyalgia, chronic pain of any sort, or you just want a restorative practice, this class is perfect for you! All levels.