Peak Poses

39 min Pancake Practice

Flexibility is a crucial part of having a perfect peach, so today, we will be focusing on the inner thighs and hamstrings! Enjoy the stretch!

37 min Wild Thing Practice Feeling a bit wild today? Good! Today's practice is all about Wild Thing! Discover this fun yoga posture while you also get in an amazing practice. Enjoy!
50 min Splits Practice This 50 minute class works the hips and hamstrings using dynamic movements to help you gain the strength and flexibility needed for hanumanasa or monkey pose.
40 min Malasana Practice Do you struggle with Malasana pose or deep squats? Do you want to know how to get your heels to stay flat? Try this class! All levels.
43 min Flying Lizard Practice Flying Lizard pose is a fun arm balance that anyone can learn! Let's go!
34 min Wheel Practice Do you struggle with Wheel Pose? This practice will help you work towards your goal!
33 min Step Through It This is a hip flexor and hamstring class to help anyone who struggles with stepping forward from Downward Facing Dog.
26 min Chaturnaga Dandasana Practice If you are looking to learn Chaturanga Dandasana while also gaining strength and flexibility this short practice is for you!
40 min Padmasana Practice If you are wanting to learn how to work your way up to Lotus pose otherwise known as Padmasana, this is the class for you! I will show you how...
39 min Quest For The Headstand Press In this class, we will work on getting a strong core, arms and back, as well as, flexible hamstrings and shoulders to give us all the components we need in...
30 min Pincha in a Cincha Level 1-2 This is a YO30 full practice to lead you up to the peak pose of Forearm Balance. You will want a wall and a yoga block. Options are given for...
37 min Pigeon Practice Want to work on your hip strength and flexibility? This practice will not only teach you how to do pigeon pose, but also how to modify and strengthen the hips so that you...
50 min Lolasana Practice This class is for anyone wanting to learn how to lift up with for lolasana, jump through, or L sit.
29 min Focus Like a Firefly Level 1-2. Want to learn learn how to do Fire Fly Pose? In this class, we will work all the muscles to help you get into this pose.
33 min Fallen Angel Power Level 2 YO30 class for anyone wanting to work on this amazing posture.