Yoga Tutorials

44 min Let's Get Upside-Down

It’s day 9! Are you ready to get upside down? Today we are going to work on all the components to getting on our heads. You will need an available wall, a strap, and two yoga blocks for this class. Remember, if you aren’t feeling ready to do this class, please repeat the first week to build up your strength!

29 Min Progressing Our Pincha Are you ready for some fun?! Today we are progressing our Pinchamayurasana, otherwise known as forearm balance. Today will be a lot of shoulder and core work using the wall....
33 Min Pincha Prep Today we are preparing the body for Pinchamayurasana! How exciting, right? We need a strong, flexible shoulder for our forearm balance, so grab two yoga blocks and your strap, or...
36 Min Getting Started Okay, team! Let's get started! This class will help you understand the basics of wrist, shoulders, and core engagement. We will also discuss the proper setup for bound headstand. You...
6 min Train for Pinchamayurasana If you are interested learning how to train for forearm balance, check out this video!
10 min How To Flip Your Grip In this video I will show you the progression to flipping your grip in postures like Eka Pada Rajakapotasana.
3 min Grasshopper Pose Want to learn a fun arm balance? Check out this tutorial and see if you have the strength and flexibility needed to do it!
5 min Downward Facing Dog Tutorial How do you know if your Downward Dog Pose is working for you? Watch this video to find out!
6 min Dolphin Pose Tutorial Member request! How to work on dolphin pose using a yoga block and a yoga strap!
5 min Bakasana/Crow Pose Tutorial This fun arm balance is the first one that most students learn. This video breaks down how to approach this pose.
3 min Astavakrasana Tutorial This video will teach you how to approach this fun arm balance. All levels.