Tips on Transitioning to Vegan

8 Tips On Transitioning

When I first decided to become vegan, I thought I just had to eat fruits and veggies. I soon found out there was so much I needed to learn. The world is not set up to favor a vegan lifestyle, but knowing a few things can help you transition to a healthier, more compassionate life.

  1. Download the Happy Cow App to find Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly restaurants wherever you are in the world. This app is so helpful! When I used to travel a lot, finding places serving vegan meals was a lifesaver. It was also really fun finding these amazing places I would have never known otherwise!
  2. Eat carbs. People often complain about feeling hungry and weak when they first become vegan. It is a common misconception that it is because the vegan diet lacks animal products. However, the reason is actually that plant-based foods naturally have fewer calories. This means you have to eat more than you would be eating animal products.
  3. You need to eat more now, isn’t that amazing!?! Choose calorie-dense items like sweet potatoes, bananas, soy, nuts, and legumes. These carbs keep you feeling full and satiated.
  4. You don’t need to worry about protein. Vegans average 70% more protein than they need daily. An average animal-based diet has more than double the recommended daily amount. Almost every food has some protein, so you are getting enough protein by eating enough food.
  5. Discover “why” you want to transition to a plant-based diet. This is super important because, without a firm conviction, it is tough to stay vegan whether you are doing it for your health, the environment, or living a more loving and compassionate life, when you know why it will help you stay on track.
  6. Let opinions of others roll off your back. People will hate you and think you are “crazy” for becoming a vegan. You’ll be badgered with questions about why you chose this lifestyle. Friends and family will make fun of you and ridicule you when you are eating together. You will feel like you are alone, and it may seem impossible at times but have faith. There is a wonderful vegan community, and we are here for you. Your friends and family are secretly watching your every move, and they want to see if you can actually do this. Your success will encourage them to also want to try a plant-based diet.
  7. Find your staple foods and meals and always have the ingredients in the house. Since I don’t really love to cook, learning to make soups, salads, and burgers was key to my ability to thrive on a vegan diet. No matter what, I know that I can whip up a quick meal in my Instant Pot.
  8. Grow your spice cabinet! One thing that I realized when I first became vegan was that there are so many spices out there that I have never used. I used to be afraid of any recipe that called for a spice that I had never heard of, but over time I realized that having access to a lot of spices meant I could try new recipes on a whim without running to the store.

How was your experience?