My Menopausal Journey

When I turned 40, literally on my birthday, everything I knew about my body changed.

I had no clue what was happening to me. Over the next five years, I began having severe cystic acne all over my jaw, neck, and back. 
I also became allergic to any soap, lotion, makeup remover, or cream. My eyes and ears began turning red and blistering, and I later came to find out this was eczema.
My periods became inconsistent & irregular to the point where I thought, “should I go to the emergency room?” Can you relate?
Then the itching began. Non-stop itching. This itching was like nothing I had ever experienced; nothing made it stop, and it was only on my arms and chest – so weird!

It was maddening.

I also had trouble sleeping, began to feel very tired, and didn’t have the stamina I used to. My joints began to ache, and my skin was tender to the touch.
I went to all kinds of specialists. I had allergy tests done, bloodwork done, and all my doctors said, “you are perfectly normal and healthy.”
This is normal? How could it be? I did not understand how all of these symptoms were being blown off as “normal!”
This might sound dramatic (and believe me, it felt dramatic), but when I turned 45, I felt like I was the walking dead. It was as if all the electricity and energy that made me who I am was gone. It was wild.
I had eight weeks of a final period (yes, you read that right) and then began my official menopause journey.
The good news: my acne cleared, and my eczema went away. YAY! The bad news: a whole new set of symptoms began to arise: Hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, and weight gain. BOO!

I now had to figure out this new normal,

which wasn’t easy, to say the least, but I’m here finally feeling better than I have in 8 years. It feels like a miracle at this point.
For some reason, menopause is a taboo topic. I know, it’s not sexy or fun, and it has a certain stigma that makes me feel “embarrassed” to talk about it, but that’s okay. I can push through my uncomfortable feelings if it means that other women out there won’t suffer alone.

Ladies, I promise you are not crazy.

If you are relating to any of this, I want to validate your experience.
I know I felt crazy for many years. Living in a house with three men, I felt no one understood what I was going through. I guess, though – How could they?
I really can’t stress the importance of self-care. Many of us spend so much time caring for others that when we get to this stage in life, it’s hard to find time for ourselves, but we have to!

Here are a few things that helped me:

  1. Intermittent Fasting

  2. Daily walks 20-40 min (zone 2 cardio)

  3. Reducing stress – Yoga & Mediation

  4. Lifting weights & building muscle

  5. Reducing saturated fat from my diet

  6. Cooking at home (instead of going out to eat)

I have much more to say and will continue writing these blogs. I hope they are helping you feel like you aren’t alone!



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How was your experience?

5 Reviews
  1. 10 months ago
    I’m just beginning my perimenopause journey and it’s a challenge some days! I turned 49 in July. It scared me! 50!!! Omg I’m old and out of shape! I have chronic pain in my back neck and shoulder and chronic migraines. Thought I couldn’t exercise, tried so many times and failed. I’ve had surgery to remove a rib and a scalene in my neck. I had TOS, all from a work injury as an RN in 2002. CRAZY how fast life changes. I finally had enough of feeling pain and fat and crappy. I started in late feb 2023 w/ easy HIIT and got on my rebounder. I started walking now turned into walk/running. I began fasting in May and I’ve lost 36lbs! Size 12 to 4! It’s been an incredible journey. I’m SOOOOOO happy to have come across your insta post in August about the person who asked why they would ever do your program if you had health issues. I was immediately taken in by your story. Now that I’ve almost completed a month of Sculptember I’m HOOKED. you are an inspiration and you bring me such joy in my workouts. I feel STRONGER and mentally so much healthier! THANK YOU so very much for sharing your gift with us. You are just incredible and a true blessing 🙏🏼❤️
    • 10 months ago
      Ps DR Mary Claire Haver (OB/SGYN) who wrote the Galveston Diet, is an awesome menopause resource! All research based and real advice for REAL women. We DONT need to suffer it’s NOT normal as you were told! There is a reason and there IS help ❤️ she’s working on a new menopause help book! Love her resources. Hope this helps someone.
  2. 1 year ago
    I started having problems in my 30's. Issues with my periods. I had changed to a new on-gyn. He was actually an older man, but kind. He asked me why I hadn't done anything about my endometriosis. I said I don't know what you are talking about. He explained it wasn't normal to use multiple boxes of heaviest tampons. No one has ever told me that. He wanted me to have a hysterectomy. It was truly the best thing I ever did. It did bring on early menopause. I had the night sweats, mood swings, etc. I have been allergic to laundry detergents and soap my entire life. Also certain kinds of products like eye shadow, so am very minimalistic. I am so glad you found ways to beat it! Great article and post. That's for being encouraging.