3 Killer Oblique Movements

3 Killer Oblique Movements

If you are looking to build a strong core, focusing on just the superficial muscles (aka the 6 pack muscle – rectus abdominals) will not give you what you want. Endless sit-ups and planks can only help you so much. Training ALL your core muscles independently will help you achieve greater spine and pelvis support and help you love the way your stomach looks.

The obliques are one of my favorite muscle groups to train! The oblique muscles help you bend your torso side to side, rotate your torso, and help to stabilize your spine against rotation. This is important because when you accidentally fall or say you are reaching for something in your car’s back seat, it is the obliques that help you rotate and make sure you will not over-rotate and hurt your back.

The following 3 exercises train your obliques by using rotation, instability, and isolation. Add these 3 to the end of any workout or yoga practice, and you will notice your waistline become defined in no time!

Side Bend Cat/Cow

From Table Top position, squeeze your hip bone to your elbow on the exhale. Then, repeat on the other side. Complete 10 crunches on each side. Try to isolate the movement to only the obliques.

Twisted Plank

From a 3 legged Downward Dog, draw one knee into chest and twist to the opposite elbow then lower to wrist and back up to your elbow. Repeat on the other side. Complete 10 reps or to fatigue on each side.

Side Plank with Leg Adduction

From side plank take bottom leg and extend it out. Press your hips up as you lift and lower your leg. This will work the inner thighs as well as the obliques!

Check out my Instagram post to see video on each of these poses.


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