Pincha In A Cincha Tutorial

Learn How To Do PinchaMayurasana

When I first started learning this pose, I never thought I’d be able to break away from the wall. It took a few yogi friends of mine encouraging me to practice just far enough away from the wall so that I didn’t use it for balance, to really make a difference in my freestanding Pincha. I absolutely love Forearm Balance now. It’s one of those go to arm balances that remains whether or not I practice it regularly. Once you understand how to practice for it and straighten out your vertical line, it is much easier than learning something like handstand. In fact, learning this awesome pose will help you with all of your other arm balances as well! Don’t get discouraged when practicing. Just remember it’s all about the journey.

Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way that really helped me with this pose.

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