Mat Pilates

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32 min Happy Hips Core & Backside This is an amazing class that works all the muscles of the posterior chain to help you align, strengthen, and stretch the hips.
21 min Arm and Ab Blast This bodyweight only pilates class will have your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs burning!
18 min Coreiculum You will only need your own body weight for this class. This is a 15 minute voice over class. Please let me know if you like this format!
32 min Chair Pilates Grab a chair and join me for this fun full body Barre/Pilates inspired workout! You may want to secure your chair near a wall on some of these exercises depending...
27 min Block Party Awesome core burn! You will need a yoga block or something similar for this class. All levels.
30 min Bird Dog Burn The body weight only pilates class will fire up your glutes and core! All levels. Enjoy!
22 min Ballerina Legs and Core This short but very effective class will make your legs burn! All levels. Enjoy!
34 min Body Basics This back to basics Pilates Quick Core class works the abs, back, glutes and triceps!
19 min Rainy Day Core Work to Beat the Blues Are you feeling a little blue? This quick core class will help you beat the blues! We will work up and awesome sweat and work our core in just 19...
14 min Hot Buns This class will literally make your buns HOT in just 14 minutes! This short but effective class will work your core + your buns! All levels.
15 min Pilates Girl Abs Pilates will help your muscles become long and lean! This short 15 minute workout targets all the muscles in your core! All levels.