resistance band, and the wall to get an awesome workout. Add optional ankle weights to really feel the burn! Enjoy!" />

Resistance Band Pilates

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20 min Lucky You! It's Leg Day! Lucky you! It's leg day! Woo-hoo! Today we will be using a chair, resistance band, and the wall to get an awesome workout. Add optional ankle weights to really feel the...
34 min Torch Your Tush For today's class, I have an excellent Pilates resistance band workout for you that will leave your tush feeling TORCHED! 🔥 You will want a heavy-duty resistance band and a...
30 min Band-O-Matic Okay, team! I have an awesome class planned for today! Band-O-Matic will have your arms and legs on fire! Grab your long resistance band, and let's go!
37 min Chisel My Bod Grab your heavy resistance band and some light hand weights, and let's get chiseling! This class packs a full-body punch in just 37 minutes. Enjoy!
28 min Full Body Hottie Okay, Team! Here is a fun full-body Pilates workout using resistance bands! Grab a set of medium and heavy bands, and let's get hot! :)
22 min Booty Blaster Time to get back to BOOTY BLASTING! For today's class, grab a heavy band, and let's do this team!
24 min Buns O' Burning Love * Buns O' Burning love will have your booty on fire using a heavy resistance band. This class is fun, dynamic, and effective! So let's go, team!
29 min Bootyful Band Workout This class will give you such a BOOTYful workout! :) You may use cloth or rubber bands for this class. Enjoy the burn!
27 min Bun Burn Are you ready for a good ol' fashion bun burn? Then, this resistance band Pilates class is for you! Grab a heavy resistance band and meet me on your mat!
30 min Integrated Core Integrated Core uses the long resistance band to work your entire body! You will love this class!
22 min Outer Thigh and Core Burn This class can be done with or without the band! It's short but it is VERY effective in working the out thighs and core!
28 min Push and Pull Get ready for a saucy sweaty workout! Using our small ball and a heavy resistance band, we will get an amazing core and lower body workout!
14 min For Your ARMS Only Looking for a quick arm workout? This resistance band class is for you! Grab a light band for this class.
22 min Long & Strong This short resistance band Pilates class will have your legs burning! Long & strong legs here we come!
31 min Shape Shifter This is an awesome 31 minute class using a resistance band. This class challenges the core and lower body! Get ready to feel the fire! All levels.