Stability Ball Pilates

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28 min Mini Ball Mighty Burn

Today’s mini-ball workout will give you a mighty burn! We will use the Pilates small ball to strengthen the core, legs, and back muscles! You don’t need any equipment other than your small ball. You can also use a small kid’s ball if you deflate it so it is squishy. Enjoy this excellent workout!

35 min BootyCamp Get ready to light up your core and glutes! Today's Pilates class uses the small ball to give us a core and bootylicious workout! Let's go, team!
32 min Core and Restore Today's class combines Pilates core work using the small ball and restorative, relaxing yoga. This class requires your Pilates small ball and optional yoga blocks! Enjoy!
23 min Fab Abs and Legs Grab your large stability ball, and let's work the deep core and the legs! This class is awesome for anyone who hates sit-ups or for postpartum moms! Enjoy!
28 min Full Body Balance Are you ready to feel the fire? This full-body Pilates small ball workout will help you isolate those deep core muscles while working the arms and legs! You will want...
28 min Sizzle and Chisel Today's class is going to challenge you! Get ready for some sizzling and chiseling! We are going to get the entire body in today using a large stability ball and...
31 min Ball of Fire Today's class will have your arms, abs, and legs on FIRE! Grab the small Pilates ball and let's hit the mat!
40 min Metabolic Core Crusher Boy, do I have a fun class planned for you today! Grab the little Pilates stability ball, a set of hand weights (grab a light and heavier set) and let's...
40 min Dancer's Delight *No Music This power vinyasa will leave you feeling delightful! We will work the entire body head to toe through dynamic sequencing and creative movement! You don't need any equipment, but you...
13 min Train Your TVA This short class packs a punch! Enjoy the burn! We will be working the deep core muscles using the Pilates small ball.
25 min Back Attack Using the small Pilates ball, we will attack all the muscles that support our spine! This class will help you to strengthen the inner thighs, low back, abs, and glutes!...
34 min Pelvic Floor Plus More Grab your small ball, and let's work the pelvic floor and all the muscles that support the pelvis!
28 min Arm-y Lovers Get out your large stability ball and your resistance bands for this awesome, strength-building core and upper body workout! Let's go, team!  
28 min Strong Arms and Core If you are looking to tone your upper body, Strong Arms and Core won't disappoint! So grab a stability ball and a set of hand weights and let's go!  
36 min Tootsie Trainer Do you know how important your feet are? This class works the mobility in your feet, calves and thighs to sculpt, tone, and helps with overall balance!