Stability Ball Pilates

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28 min Arm-y Lovers Get out your large stability ball and your resistance bands for this awesome, strength-building core and upper body workout! Let's go, team!  
28 min Strong Arms and Core If you are looking to tone your upper body, Strong Arms and Core won't disappoint! So grab a stability ball and a set of hand weights and let's go!  
36 min Tootsie Trainer Do you know how important your feet are? This class works the mobility in your feet, calves and thighs to sculpt, tone, and helps with overall balance!
30 min Grab Your Seat At The Barre Looking for a killer inner thigh, glutes, and calves workout? Look no further! This class uses a Pilates mini soft ball with a chair to give you an awesome workout!
28 min Push and Pull Get ready for a saucy sweaty workout! Using our small ball and a heavy resistance band, we will get an amazing core and lower body workout!
28 min Make My Legs Burn This class will make your legs burn! :) Using the stability ball, we will work inner & outer thighs as well as glutes! We will also get the deep core...
38 min BALLMAZING Want to feel amazing while you also work your core, back, and legs? Then, this class is for you!
30 min OMG CORE OMG! This small ball Pilates class will leave your entire body feeling the burn! All you need for this class is your mini ball. Enjoy!
29 min Amazing Legs and Core Want AMAZING legs and core? You will love this 29 minute small Pilates ball class.
36 min Stability Shaper This full body Stability Ball workout will have your whole body buzzing! I give modifications for all levels so #NOEXCUSES! :)
39 min Stability Ball Sizzler This Stability Ball Sizzle will leave your abs, back, arms and glutes burning! Simple and effective full body workout using the ball. All levels! You will need a stability ball...
29 min Stability Ball Blast This is an awesome full body workout using an Exercise Ball or Stability Ball. You can find the ball on Amazon or at any store that sells sports equipment. The...
30 min Stability Ball Arm and Ab Blast This 30 minute class will work the upper body using the stability ball. You will need a ball and available wall space for this class.
23 min Smash and Burn Core This fun class works the arms, chest, shoulders, core and lower half! You will need a small kids ball or a Pilates soft ball for this workout. All levels.
24 min She's Ball That Full body Pilates class using the Pilates soft ball! You will feel this one 24-48 hours after! All Levels.