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26 min Make It Burn Get ready to feel the burn! This full body workout uses the Pilates small ball. You can also use a kids ball for this class or no ball at all....
29 min Lower Half Quick Core This class uses just your own body weight! You can place Resistance Bands around your thighs if you want an added burn! We focus on the low back, glutes, hamstrings,...
25 min Lower Body Tone and Shape This class focuses on the lower half of your body. You will need a small kids ball or a Pilates soft ball for this class. All levels.
28 min Lower Body Stability Ball Burn Lower body stability ball burn will definitely do just that! If you are looking for something that will make your lower half burn, this is the class for you! You...
37 min Lean Into It FULL BODY workout using the Pilates small ball and some optional light hand weights. This class will leave your core, arms, butt, quads, back, and inner thighs BURNING! All levels!...
32 min Happy Hips Core & Backside This is an amazing class that works all the muscles of the posterior chain to help you align, strengthen, and stretch the hips.
33 min Good Things Come to Those Who Weight This 30 minute class not only works your shoulders and core but your butt as well! you will need light hand weights for this class or something similar. All levels.
35 min Fun Fusion Flow This fun fusion flow class blends both yoga and Pilates using the large stability ball. You will get an amazing full body workout in with this class. All levels. Enjoy!
19 min Better Weight Than Never This amazing weighted quick core workout will give you a great core and arm workouts.
28 min Fit To The Core This Pilates class uses light hand weights to give you a FULL BODY burn! Use 1-3 pounds or no weight at all. Enjoy!
33 min Arms, Abs and Legs Looking to tone your arms, abs, and legs? Look no further! This awesome full body class will do it!
21 min Arm and Ab Blast This bodyweight only pilates class will have your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs burning!
35 min Double Trouble Pilates Grab two Resistance Bands and join me for the Double Trouble Pilates class! This full body class will have your arms, abs, and legs burning. All levels welcome! Enjoy!
15 min Deep Core This short but very effective class will help you train the transverse abdominals, obliques, inner thighs, glutes and hamstrings!
18 min Coreiculum You will only need your own body weight for this class. This is a 15 minute voice over class. Please let me know if you like this format!
14 min Core on the Go Quick core work for those of us who are too busy to find time to take a full class! This workout is quick and effective for those who are looking...
25 min Core 101 If you are wondering where to start with Training your core muscles, this class is for you! It is perfect for anyone who is postpartum or has back pain. It...
13 min Continual Core This continual set works the abs and backside. Great class if you don’t have a lot of time but you want something that will burn out your core.
32 min Chair Pilates Grab a chair and join me for this fun full body Barre/Pilates inspired workout! You may want to secure your chair near a wall on some of these exercises depending...
26 min Burning Shoulders and Abs This is a weighted Quick Core Workout! You will need 1-3 pound weights or you can use a water bottle. Have fun!
25 min Burning Bridges Do you want a great burn for the back of the legs AND your core? Then this class if for you!
40 min Booty Plus Back and Arms This is a Pilates class using a Resistance Band. This 40 minute class works the entire body! Use a light to medium band to start.
24 min Booty Band 24 Min Burn This pilates class will get your heart rate up and work some standing postures with the Resistance Band to really work the legs and the core.
17 min Quick Core Arm Burn Grab some light weights and join me for this Quick Core Arm Burn! We will work the arms, core and a legs in this very quick workout. All levels! Enjoy!