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27 min Block Party Awesome core burn! You will need a yoga block or something similar for this class. All levels.
30 min Bird Dog Burn The body weight only pilates class will fire up your glutes and core! All levels. Enjoy!
36 min All About That Booty Band This class works the outer hips, glutes, and of course your core! Get ready for a nice burn in just 33 minutes. You will need a Resistance Band for this...
32 min Dig Deep If you are looking for a full-body workout, look no further! This resistance band Pilates class works everything!
23 min Band Burn Shoulders and Core This is a great Resistance Band lower body, shoulders and core class. All levels.
22 min Ballerina Legs and Core This short but very effective class will make your legs burn! All levels. Enjoy!
34 min Body Basics This back to basics Pilates Quick Core class works the abs, back, glutes and triceps!
12 min 12 Minute Core Don’t have time to get a workout in? This class is perfect for you! It moves fast and will get your heart rate up and kill your core! Enjoy. All...
8 min Resolving Anger If you are struggling with anger, this meditation is for you. You will learn how to let go and reprogram the mind to respond differently.
7 min Releasing Your Inner Child This visualization meditation is to help you process and heal from difficult emotions that may be linked to your childhood.
5 min Patience This meditation is a simple way to help you learn to enjoy being patient.
8 min Navagating Roough Waters This very short mediation will help you when you are going through times in your life where you feel like things are out of your control.
9 min Manifesting Goodness This meditation is for anyone who wants to manifest more of the good things in their life. Focusing on what is good already will help you let go of what...
6 min Manifesting Abundance Do you want to know how to manifest abundance in your life? This very simple meditation will help you connect to your inner world of abundance.
6 min Float Meditation This meditation is for anyone who is trying to loose weight. Changing our feelings is the key to using the mind-body connection to achieve our goals.
10 min Feeling Down If you are feeling down or anxious about anything? This 10 minute meditation will help refocus your thoughts on what matters most.
21 min Wrist & Shoulder Warm Up Class All levels wrist and shoulder class to keep you on your hands longer!
5 min Tuck Handstand Entrance Tutorial Wondering how you train for tuck handstand? This tutorial will help you!
13 min My Daily Handstand Workout Want a quick handstand workout? This is my daily quick workout to stay fit for handstands. Enjoy!
31 min Keeping Up Endurance Class Level 1-2 class is for anyone who wants a daily practice to help them keep up their Endurance for handstands.
19 min Intermeditate Handstand Wall Workout This intermediate handstand workout is for those that are comfortable with using the wall. You must be able to hold your own body weight in your arms to do this...
3 min How to Use Paul Wall Becoming friends with Paul the Wall will really help you on your handstand journey. This tutorial will teach you how to use the wall.
2 min How to Hop into L Shape Handstand This tutorial explains just how to kick into the L shape handstand.
6 min How To Fall out of Handstand Wondering how you move safely to the middle of the room? You need to learn how to fall. This short tutorial will help you know just how I trained how...