Vinyasa Yoga

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28 min Raise Your Vibe Looking to increase your energy levels? In this short class we will raise our vibrational levels through the amazing healing power of Yoga!
47 min Sunday Yoga Looking for something to challenge you but not overwhelm you? This Sunday Yoga practice is great choice!
58 min Power Hour Join me for this one hour POWER vinyasa flow!
41 min Saturday Yoga Flow This full body vinyasa class is awesome when you are feeling like you need both a strength and flexibility focused practice. All levels.
24 min Quick Start the Day Practice This is a very short practice with a gratitude meditation at the end. It is perfect to start the day!
44 min Power 45 This Power 45 moves at just the perfect pace to get your heart rate up but doesn’t overwhelm you by moving too fast. We will work through the entire body...
41 min Heart Opening Fire Class Get ready to open your heart and hips in this 42 minutes vinyasa class! This wonderful practice focuses on mobility of the shoulders and hips.
37 min Wrist Free Yoga Do you want to do a challenging class but can’t put pressure on your wrists? This class is for you!  Enjoy!
31 min Upper Body Strength This is an awesome class that focuses on upper body strength. Options given for all levels of students.
34 min Peace Love and Length Do you struggle with your tight hamstrings? This is an amazing class to help anyone loosen up tight hamstrings as well as understand why they are tight.
41 min Mind-Body Yoga If you are curious about the mind-body connection, this is the class for you! This class will teach you about tuning into the body and understanding how we can use the mind-body connection...
40 min Mandala Flow This is a 360 degree flow! We will work our way around the mat. It is a full body flow for all levels. I will give options for Beginners and advanced students.
36 min Just Get On Your Mat Are you feeling like you just don’t want to practice? This class is for you! This 36 minute practice will inspire you and energize you. All levels.
37 min Just Flowing This class is just a little over 30 minutes and it work the ENTIRE body! It has a few challenging postures like Flying Lizard Pose but I will give you options to modify.
31 min Hamstring Help Did you know that stabilizing the muscles that support your pelvis could be the key to looser hamstrings? This class focuses on just that!